Financial Project Report

Project Report for Bank Loan Or Business Plan

Every Businessman is always look out for expansion of its business for which it requires funding. This funding would be available from banks or NBFCs or Private equity funding. Now, to get funding from banks as well as other financial institutions, every entrepreneur is required to prepare a detailed business plan which is also called as Project report for bank loan or Viability report or feasibility report.

When an entrepreneur conceives business idea, He tends to think a lot regarding its feasibility. However, if he does not put the same in writing and do a detailed calculation of cost involved and benefit derived, he can’t estimate whether it is viable or not and ultimately the idea gets dropped. Therefore, it is always advisable to prepare a detailed business plan or project report to understand whether it is workable or not.

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When project report or Business plan is required?

  • For availing Business loan and working capital loan
  • To convince investor to invest in business by way of private equity or debt
  • For obtaining SSI registration
  • To apply for industrial shed/plots
  • In order to evaluate viability of projects
  • In order to avail incentives/ subsidies